Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi’s wife, Jamileh Alamolhoda, has vehemently condemned Israel’s crimes against Palestinian women and children in the besieged Gaza Strip, describing them as a cause of shame for the entire world.

Alamolhoda made the comment in a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife, Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron, on Sunday.

“As humans, we must be ashamed of what is going on in these bitter days in a small and beautiful part of our common planet Earth,” Alamolhoda said in her letter.

“As a powerful and influential lady in Europe, which you consider the cradle of civilization, you are expected to take befitting measures to provide help to Gaza’s oppressed women and defenseless children,” the letter added.

The Israeli regime has been waging a campaign of unprecedented bombardment against Gaza since October 7, when the Palestinian territory’s resistance groups launched Operation al-Aqsa Storm in the occupied territories in response to the regime’s intensified crimes against Palestinians.

The death toll from Israel’s genocidal attacks has exceeded 9,700, while more than 26,000 people, mostly women, children and the elderly, have been wounded.

The regime has also cut off the flow of basic supplies, such as water, electricity, medicines, and fuel, to one of the world’s most densely-populated territories that houses over two million Palestinians.

“In reality, the world is utterly astonished by all this ruthlessness of the people in power!” Alamolhoda noted in the letter before slamming the Western powers’ ongoing military support for the Israeli regime.

“How can the performance of politician men in providing military support to Israel be evaluated, while their eyes and ears are closed to seeing and hearing the scream of the oppressed Palestinians?”

Alamolhoda also condemned the complete blockade of the Palestinian territory amid the Israeli regime’s devastating war.

“According to which one of moral traditions or civil principles can depriving thirsty children of water and blocking supply of food and medicines to the wounded and disadvantaged people be justifiable?” she asked.

“Which one of legal, national or international procedures and conventions can justify this kind of encouragement to killing women and children?”

Alamolhoda warned that such atrocities would entail divine retribution for those who commit them.

“How a group [of people] can call themselves servants of God (Israel), but only spread the dominion of Satan through the policy of [fomenting] fear and hatred? Do we believe that the Almighty God would leave all these crimes without retribution?”

“Mrs. Macron please … ask your husband to refrain from taking part in the murder of defenseless Palestinian children and women, and take immediate and effective measures towards establishment of peace,” Alamolhoda concluded.

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