American journalist, Gordon Duff, indeed once saw tomorrow. Yet when he wrote in 2011 about a conspiratorial plan by “outside powers” to destabilize Nigeria and balkanize it, not many took him seriously. But 10 years on what he

said is fast becoming a sad reality as many now feared that the country is on the verge of a civil war with armed groups springing in every part of the country causing havoc, kidnapping, looting, raping and killing Nigerian citizens with reckless abandon.

The signs of a country on the verge of destruction, as Duff predicted in that article entitled, Nigeria: Targeted for destruction?

For those who have ears to hear. A security report of Nigeria’s precarious situation…

A Must Read Piece for all Africans, are everywhere. Boko Haram, the terrorist group he mentioned, is still wrecking destruction in the North-East, Bandits and herdsmen have virtually taken over the North West and some parts of the Middle Belt , herdsmen and kidnappers are having a field day in the in the South West and South South while hoodlums

and secessionist groups are causing mayhem in the South East.

However, the remarkable thing about Duff ’s article is that he wrote with certainty and gusto, as though not only was he in

possession of facts not in the public domain, but also knew what he was talking about. As the title of the article implies, the American journalist issued his warning for those who have ears to ear. According to him, Boko Haram “is the construct of outside powers who plan to Balkanize Nigeria and Nigeria is a target for destruction.”

Still, the intriguing thing this intrepid plot is his claim that those outside powers are working in connivance with inside forces, Nigerians – even with those in government- , who believe they have everything to gain and nothing to lose from the crisis, to destabilize the country. “Key Nigerians ripe for bribery are making this possible. They are aware they

are bringing about the destruction of their own nation, they simply don’t care. The attitude there is “every man for himself.” Another way of describing those currently in power, including and especially offi cials in counterterrorism

and security is “rats abandoning a sinking ship.” In all fairness, the U.S. has a similar elitist clique of politicians, special

interest multi-nationals, some of whom have their own intelligence resources that rival most countries. The terror group, Boko Haram, is real but in its current formation, it is a proxy of outside powers who plan to Balkanize Nigeria, simply another domino to fall as have so many others.

“There are no real interests to control the activities of Boko Haram because of the vested interests of certain foreign

governments in collusion with their agents in the present administration and the country.

Nigeria is a tinderbox beyond imagination.

Decades old hatreds and fears are closer to the surface here than even in the Balkans.

This is a very dangerous game some have chosen to begin. Were they available, and who is to say they aren’t, Nigerians would gleefully use nuclear weapons to settle domestic differences.


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