With no gain saying, Nigeria is so blessed with varying degrees of natural resources. The most populous black nation—acclaimed giant of Africa and well-known as a republican nation with her nascent democratic movement.

Despite the diversity of her people—the difference in culture, language, norms; religion and beliefs disparity; the barriers of exposure; barrier of distant provinces, the regionalization factor—the country has managed to give a structured pattern of governing her people by embracing federalism, backed-up with the multi-party system of government.

Since white men left the coast of our country, and Nigeria was granted ample independence to run the affairs of the country by herself, several strategies have been put in place to better run the governmental/political activities, some of which include the adoption of federalism, a multiparty system of government etc. to accelerate and reach the diverse state as earlier mentioned.

With widespread recognition, federalism is best practised in a diverse state like Nigeria, and a multi-party system of government—though with it’s disadvantages—paved way for different political parties to contest in an election, thereby making political seats competitive enough, with each party having a reasonable likelihood of mounting the seat of government. Such a system often forces representatives to feel selfless to act up as promised and also makes it difficult for them to go against people’s will.

Looking charily at the system, especially with median eyes, one can clearly depict the obvious ‘Self-established two-party system venom’ by masterminds in politics.

Over the years, after the adoption of democracy in early 1999 after military interventions, elections in Nigeria have been dominated by just a few major parties with strong connections all over the state as opposed to the initial objective of the adoption of a multi-party system,

In recent years, as I grew aware of the political scenario in Nigeria, two prominent political parties, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) have always been at my fingertips. They used to be the first on my list whenever I was to recite/write down political parties in Nigeria. At first, I thought they were the only parties even now that I have grown in awareness, I still don’t see a significant difference. It’s either they recruit a minority party to form a coalition or more predominantly prominent figures in politics get enrolled on each other’s side.

For instance, Senator Grace Jackson defection from PDP to APC, Senator Ahmad Babba Kaita, from APC to PDP, then senate president, Bukola Saraki from APC to PDP; Mr Peter Obi who recently defected from PDP to Labour party (LP) and even Mr Fani Kayode—who claimed he was led by the spirit of God to join APC, and so on.

The question is; why can’t we—the youth of Nigeria—also be led by the spirit of God to work with these minority parties to join forces in one voice of unity and political domination, Just like ‘they’ did?

Looking vividly at what democratic movement literally demands, Nigeria has had her fair share in the practice just like every other democratic country today that was once underdeveloped. But, let’s not forget that the struggle by the majority of the population also contributes to the nation’s achievement(s).

I understand that defection might be for the best of one’s interest in getting the right support but it shouldn’t be just for the sake of taking over the mantle of leadership at all cost even when unqualified and undesirable. It’s like forcing a new student’s luggage in a bus’s overhead rack; it won’t fit in as it should, leading to alteration of other settings even when they aren’t inclined to conform.

Evidence is enormous that nowadays, elections are not based on democratic selection but hinged on delegation; it’s high time they are propelled to relegation through our dedication. Democracy stands for self-ruling; people ought to rule ‘themselves’ not get ‘themselves’ being decreed upon.

Our people are not only timid of contesting with these major parties but lack the needed resources to back up the solidarity movement. There have been loads of observations upon observations, as well as suggestions and talks on how the system resembles a generational enterprise and monarchical setting but is there no one who is bold enough to ignite the blaze of agitation that will thrash the self-established two-party system venom that is nearly pushing the multi-party system into extinction?

Different parties have their respective support groups, but still, some major parties ‘anytime and anywhere’ influence support groups, renounce and denounce to pursue their political goals, with the creation of strong allies to monitor and bolster their motive.

These parties are replicas of what they used to be; they simply source for more duplicates of their ideologies. Even the ideologies surrounding their goals aren’t changing; only their tactics do. It’s worth catching a glimpse of, because it awakens in us the need to tighten our belts in revolting against the malignancy.

Only cooperation can bring about rightful partnership of youth and their efforts to bolster our nation in all sectors. Only then will the political alcove thrive. But cooperation requires agreement as well as ideological similarity and a sense of consensus which seems hard for our youth to fulfill. Hence, the reason for the absence of cooperation!

That’s where enlightenment comes in. Because education is paramount in breaking the barrier of illiteracy and antagonism/disunity, it’s more reason why prioritizing education is hazardous to our government’s agenda.

Clamouring for youth here and there and romancing the absence of alliance isn’t the goal. Rather, the objective is to resurrect the idea of joining forces with different support groups or parties and propelling the spirits of youthful, ambitious, able and resilient candidates towards deserved occupation of political seats, thereby, getting rid of the two-party system venom laid down by masterminds in politics. Only this resurrection can bring about the necessary insurrection.

By Tijani Oluwaseun

Tijani Oluwaseun is a 300 level student of Mass Communication Department, A.B.U Zaria.

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