By Kylie Atwood, CNN

The G7 issued a strong joint statement warning that the international community’s response will include “new and significant measures against Iran” if the country moves ahead with sending ballistic missiles to Russia to use in its war effort against Ukraine.

“We are extremely concerned about reports that Iran is considering transferring ballistic missiles and related technology to Russia after having supplied the Russian regime with UAVs, which are used in relentless attacks against the civilian population in Ukraine,” the G7 statement says. “Were Iran to proceed with providing ballistic missiles or related technology to Russia, we are prepared to respond swiftly and in a coordinated manner including with new and significant measures against Iran.”

The US and its allies are “speaking with one voice on this matter” making it clear that for Iran the “costs will outweigh the benefits,” said a senior Biden administration official.

One option that has been discussed as a means of response is ending flights from the state-owned airline Iran Air into Europe, the official said.

“Point being, this is not business as usual,” the official said.

The official did not provide an answer when asked if Iranian leadership flies on the airline, or if it is just Iranian citizens who fly on Iran Air.

The growing concern about Iran moving ahead with this additional military support for Russia comes as Russia has gained momentum on the battlefield and Ukraine has been forced to ration ammunition.

A $60 billion US aid package to Ukraine has been stalled in the House amid Republican resistance to additional funding.

Earlier this week, CIA Director Bill Burns said that without additional assistance from the US, Ukraine “is likely to lose ground and probably significant ground in 2024.”

“I think without supplemental assistance in 2024, you’re going to see more of Avdiivkas, and that it seems to me would be a massive and historic mistake for the United States,” Burns said, referring to a city recently taken by Russia.

The senior administration official pointed to a recent Reuters article which cited Iranian source saying the ballistic missiles had already been provided to Russia when saying that there is “clearly an effort to advance negotiations with Russia.”

Russia has deployed multiple ballistic-missile and missile support systems to a training area inside of Iran for display to a visiting Russian delegation and Russia is building a drone-manufacturing facility in the country with Iran’s help, CNN has reported.

The US and its allies have not yet seen confirmation that the Iranian missiles have moved from Iran to Russia, the official said. But the US has “no reason to believe that negotiations aren’t actively advancing.”

Iran has already provided Russia with significant numbers of drones,, guided aerial bombs and artillery ammunition.

“Russia has been using all of that equipment to attack Ukraine with real impact, and this would be yet another escalation by Iran in terms of its potential assistance to – Russia on the battlefield,” the official said.

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