By Mahdi Waziri Isa

The Engie Energy Access group who are experts in Renewable Energy, have organized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in Lagos to discuss ‘Energy Access and Sustainability’. The program hosts 15 selected Engineering students from across the country in an effort to promote diversity and inclusion.


The program which aims to fill the gap between the academia and industry so as to avoid having engineering graduates with no industrial experience, engaged the students in hands-on learning and interactive sessions as well as providing a platform for networking with professional industrial experts with a view to inspiring and guiding the students to excel in their careers as engineers.

This is a rare opportunity to provoke the innovative thoughts and skills of the students to put what they learned in school into practice.

Commending the ENGIE Energy Access group for organizing the program, Abdullahi Junaidu, a Civil Engineering student from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria said, “Renewable Energy is a very important aspect of technology that needs to garner several investments in Nigeria, in order for the country to go in par with other developing countries in the area of technological development.”

“Considering the fact that global activities are transforming into using new version of technology that is renewable energy dominated. This is a crucial step towards a sustainable future and it would mitigate climate change. As we develop into using more renewable energy, we are building a more resilient and environmentally cautious society, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations,” Junaidu outlined.

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