Sarkin Hausawan Turai, His Royal Highness Dr Sirajo Abubakar Djankado recently paid a courtesy visit to Yobe State Governor, Mai Mala Buni.

Djankado is the leader of the entire Hausa community in Europe with his palace at Paris in France.

His office is well respected within France, Germany, Britain, and other parts of Europe. The Emir and his office is well recognised even among parliamentarians in Europe and coordinates all activities or interests of Hausa-speaking people of Africa that are living in Europe.

Besides that, the office of the Sarkin Hausawan Turai in Paris is helping Hausa speaking Africans to get admission to study professional courses and facilitate scholarship awards on behalf of his people.

Other areas of influence the office of the Sarkin Hausawan Turai used to facilitate because of the immense recognition of his office particularly in France is in investment and attracting investors into Africa.

During the visit, Djankado told the Governor that, he has, for long, been following his achievements as Governor and as the Chairman of APC.

He said the best he can do as a proud African is to use his influence and office to help Governor Buni in whatever way to succeed both as Governor and as the leader of the ruling APC.

He commended the Governor for his various initiatives in repositioning Yobe state and pledged to work with Buni to provide scholarship opportunities to the citizens of Yobe State.

The Emir had also extended a formal invitation to Buni to come to Paris where he promised to explore opportunities to Yobe State and to formally recognize the Governor with a traditional title in France.

In his response, Buni expressed deep appreciation to the Emir for finding time to visit him.

He told Emir Djankado that the confidence he has in his leadership has encouraged him to do more for his people and the nation at large.

Buni also said he has been following the activities of the Emir and that he is convinced about his patriotism and efforts to promote peace and unity among religious, ethnic groups in Africa.

He said for the sons and daughters of Yobe State to get the opportunity of receiving  quality education and for investment to flow, he is ever ready to make any sacrifice and accepted the invitation of the Sarkin Hausawan Turai to visit France as soon as possible.

The Yobe Governor went down memory lane to tell his visitor the challenges of security President Muhammadu Buhari met on assuming office and his efforts in acquiring modern weapons, fighter jets, and arms to be able to contain the threats of Boko Haram and armed bandits. Buni said poverty and ignorance is the main source of insecurity in any nation.

Buni further stated that most people that are criticising President Buhari are ignorant about the difficulties in fighting insurgency and said that even the United States as the world superpower had spent more than 16 years fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan without success and that they have now resolved to dialogue with the terrorists.

He said if the US despite their advancement, superior firepower, and intelligence can spend nearly two decades without success in Afghanistan, how can somebody expect Buhari to completely eliminate similar threats that he inherited?

He advised and pleaded for patience and understanding and assured Nigerians that Buhari as a responsible leader is more disturbed and more anxious to finish the fight against terrorism and banditry.

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