By Usman Muhammad Minna

The Vice Chancellor of the first and only University in the ancient and historic town of Bida, Niger State, EDUSOKO University, Professor Muhammad Alkali, has assured parents of their potential students that the University has worked out perfect ways of instilling exceptional, examplary, moral and academic values in them

The Vice Chancellor who spoke in a chat with Education Monitor on the focus of the University as laid down by its founders said, “founders of the University are leaders who have spent their lives in training leaders who have excelled in different fields and have made not only their societies or immediate communities proud, but the entire nation’

He lamented that Nigeria is facing the greatest threat and the most  unfortunate trial in its decade long history today and consequently earnestly needs leaders who are selfless, patriotic, with values that  can take the country out of its trying moment.

He said these kinds of leaders need to be manufactured and churned out from our Universities on a deliberate programme and during which they will be taught several exemplary, moral and academic lessons, to prepare them for the task ahead

To achieve this, he said, EDUSOKO University has started working hard and round the clock to recruit highly trained scholars and administrators with serene moral values and pedigrees who will be saddled with the responsibilities of running the University and giving it direction.

“Our students enrollment too, will be deliberately based on merit and high ethical standard”, Dr Alkali further assured.

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