By Waziri Isa Adam

In a significant development, Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, a prominent Sunni scholar in Nigeria, has thrown his weight behind the recent unity initiative jointly advocated by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Iran. This landmark initiative, recently endorsed by the Iraqi government, aims to bridge the sectarian divide among Muslims worldwide.

Dr. Gumi commended the duo of Saudi Arabia and Iran for taking this long-overdue step towards unity, emphasizing that it is a crucial precursor to restoring Islam’s greatness and positive influence globally. He stressed that the unity of prominent Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey – renowned for their scholarly and civilizational heritage – would unlock unprecedented prosperity and development in the Muslim world.

Dr. Gumi underscored the importance of Muslim unity, citing the Quranic verse, “Hold firm to the robe of Allah, and do not be divided” (Holy Quran). He emphasized that this divine injunction compels Muslims to support any initiative that fosters unity, regardless of sectarian leanings. He lamented the ongoing genocide of innocent Sunni Muslims in Palestine, attributing it to the absence of unity among Muslims.

Dr. Gumi joined other like-minded scholars in the Sunni and Shia worlds who are championing unity and bridging the sectarian divide. He called on discerning Muslims worldwide to support this noble initiative, recognizing that their shared values and beliefs far outweigh their differences.

It would be recalled that the prominent Sunni Cleric was invited to the Islamic Republic of Iran early this year, where he participated in a Unity Conference which attracted Muslim Scholars of different sectarian persuasions from both Sunni and Shia dominated countries.

The Conference was aimed at discussing the condition of Palestinians and to chat a course that will lead to their liberation and their ancestral land  from the illegal and genocidal occupying Zionist forces.

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