By Akpereshi Peter Akpereshi & Joyce Anyam

The Vice Chancellor of Benue State University, Professor Tor Joe Iorapuu, has appealed to the students of the Institution’s College of Health Sciences to remain peaceful in the pursuit of their legitimate grievances, which he said the University was cognizant of, and is working towards addressing them.

Professor Iorapuu who addressed the students during a peaceful protest yesterday (25/10/2023) in the University’s premises, assured them that the committee that was set up by the University to look into their grievances is on the verge of submitting its report.

He reiterated to the students that as soon as the committee submitted the report, the University will promptly study it with the view of identifying and addressing all critical and areas of immediate needs of the students.

With these assurances, the Vice Chancellor therefore pleaded with the students to rescind their threats to march to the Government’s House where they vowed to go and present their grievances to the state’s governor, who is the visitor of the University, but they refused, and insisted on going to see the governor, who was, unfortunately, not on seat, or could not see them.

Education Monitored gathered that the students were agitating for improved condition of living in the hostel.

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