By Christopher B. Akim

In a stunning display of hypocrisy and selective justice, Professor Kabiru Bala, the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, has issued a query alleging that Waziri Isa Adam failed to disclose details of his departure from New Nigerian Newspaper 24 years ago. However, Adam has exposed the VC’s double standard, revealing a glaring instance of hypocrisy and vindictiveness.

Adam, a seasoned journalist who has worked with several esteemed organizations, joined ABU in 2006. At no point during the application or documentation process was he required or instructed to provide a detailed history of his previous employments.

In 2003, the VC was reminded of a similar allegation involving his benefactor, who was accused of embezzling N400 million in university funds and had been dismissed from his previous employment before joining ABU. Instead of investigating and taking action, the VC chose to sweep the matter under the rug, allowing his benefactor to escape accountability. The VC waited for his benefactor to retire before resurrecting the same allegation against Adam, who had previously exposed the VC’s corruption scandals in September 2021.

In a bizarre twist, the VC resorted to this query after Adam gave satisfactory responses to three previous queries issued to him in just one minute, demonstrating the VC’s desperation to silence him.

Adam stated, “The VC’s query is a desperate attempt to silence me after our publication exposed his corruption allegations in September 2021. He has since vowed to sack me, demonstrating his shameless discrimination and selective justice. It’s astonishing that the VC would rather punish a whistleblower than address the serious issues plaguing the university.”

Education Monitor stands by its reporting and Adam’s integrity, refusing to be intimidated by the VC’s vindictive tactics.

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