By Latonia Akubuko

The Federal Government has granted Ahmadu Bello University patent certificates for the sole use of the proto-type medical equipment its team of engineers and scientists invented recently.

The medical equipment, 4-In-One Hand Sanitizing machine, and Intensive Care Ventilator were invented in 2020 as part of the Institution’s contribution towards the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hand sanitizer machine, code-named ABUSANIT-20, consists of an exceptional electric circuit designed for the control unit fitted with LCD display to regulate the dispensing pattern of the liquid soap, water, drying air from the blower section, and finally chemical sanitizer to combat viral and bacterial contamination.

Whereas the ventilator, named ABUVENT-20, is driven by a BLDC motor and is power-driven by either AC or DC source. Its design is such that it does not only meet the World Health Organization (WHO) standard but also adapt creatively to the power situation of the country.

The Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment issued the patent certificates in accordance with the Patents and Designs Act; CAP 344 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990.

It said that the certificates granted the University were for the “sole use and advantage” of the two medical equipment invented.

The Ministry also explained that the Federal Government acceded to the Institution’s request on account of the Government’s willingness to “encourage all inventions which may be for the public good”.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kabiru Bala, announced the receipt of the patent certificates at the University’s 506th (Regular) meeting of the Senate recently at which the medical equipment were displayed.

Prof. Bala was of the belief that patent certificates would spur other engineers and scientists from the University to conduct a lot of research in different areas.

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