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The vaccine obsessives in the Biden plutocracy have run into a wall of judicial non-compliance with the determination that the number of forced injections must be increased towards the point of universality. A federal judge in Missouri began the process by pulling the legal rug out from beneath a federal executive order directing healthcare workers to submit to mandatory vaccines in a number of states.

This ruling was upheld without comment by the 8th Circuit court of Appeals.

More recently a federal judge in Georgia, R. Stan Baker, put the brakes on the Biden government’s attempt to compel all federal contractors to press gene-modifying clot shots on all their employees.

Judge Baker’s ruling caused a stampede of corporate leviathans away from the federal infatuation with mandatory shots. For instance General Electric, Verizon, 3 M, Oracle and Boeing began to distance themselves from the US Executive branch’s pathological preoccupation with forcing jabs into as many American arms as possible.

The judicial blocks put in place by the federal courts in Georgia and Missouri are part of a larger pattern of politics and litigation that seems to be turning the momentum against mandatory vaccines.

The hostility to federally-mandated injections is growing even in Congress where a majority of Senators, including some Democrats, voted 52 to 48 against the principle of inflicting jabs on workers in companies with more than 100 employees.

Outside of Washington DC the governments of 27 states, some of them with Democratic Party Governors, are lining up to oppose vaccine mandates through policy, statute, and litigation. They are mobilizing to protect the provisions outlined in the1st amendment of the US Constitution. They are mobilizing to safeguard freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and bodily autonomy.

Brain Freeze Afflictions

Canada is not yet subject to anything like the political firestorms ignited by US Officialdom’s hot interactions with both sides on the issue of mandatory injections. In Canada the introduction of mandatory vaccines by both levels of government did not immediately arouse harsh antagonisms in either Parliament or in federal-provincial interactions. Indeed, in Canada the manufactured COVID crisis has generated a pretty pervasive brain freeze reflected most conspicuously in the intellectual complacency of most politicians, judges, and academics.

By and large, most of the leading practitioners in these professional fields have opted not to conduct independent research on their own but to take their signals instead from the bought-and-paid-for media. The consistent uniformity of the deceptive messaging conveyed by the censorious media is at the forefront of the most aggressive and traumatizing saga of psychological warfare ever mounted.

The steady stream of seriously inaccurate and unbalanced reports emanating from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation forms an especially irritating reminder that, in Canada, there no longer exists any credible venue of national public broadcasting. See this.

The boast of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he successfully pays off the media in return for softball questions and consistently positive coverage has resonated as very applicable to this propaganda-driven plandemic.

In the United States, in Canada and many other countries, the main consortium pushing the COVID Con sees mandatory vaccines as necessary steps along the way to so-called vaccine passports. These “passports” are meant to provide new domestic keys for the participation of vaccine-compliant individuals in the mainstream of social, commercial and cultural interactions.

How are we to interpret the denial of permission to engage in “permitted” interactions in the arbitrary tyranny being imposed on us all in the name of vaccine passport systems? How are we to interpret the exclusion of the so-called “unvaccinated” from a broad array of freedoms and civil liberties that were, until recently, assumed to be integral to citizenship? What is to become of the controlled demolition of our supposed liberal democracies now that the ideals of citizenship are being vanquished? This obliteration of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship is to make way for arbitrary rule by secretive cartels run ultimately by international bankers along with their multi-billionaire protégés?

To be continued

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