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The extent of wreckage wrought in Europe through the proliferation of mandated systems of vaccine passports is now becoming clear. Dr. Mike Yeadon, the former Vice-President of Pfizer Corporation, has highlighted the subject. He has observed

“Europe is all but gone. The lights are going out. Austria and Germany now subject their unvaccinated to house arrest. In Greece, the unvaccinated are subject to escalating fines, non-payment of which is converted into prison time. In Lithuania, the unvaccinated are excluded from society. The booster campaigns are running full-pelt everywhere.” See this.

From the introduction of the celebrity virus in early 2020, the plandemic’s main promoters have aimed at the goal of imposing universalized injections on all of humankind. The promoters prominently include Bill Gates and his longtime friend, Justin Trudeau. According to cybersecurity expert, David Hawkins, the famous fathers of both Justin Trudeau and Bill Gates Jr. were also friends and collaborators in their shared advocacy of eugenic approaches for the control of human reproduction.

The vaccine obsessives driving the exploitation of the manufactured COVID crisis engaged large-scale academic fraud to advance their opposition to all natural remedies for coronavirus infection. Remedies like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have been lied about and defamed by the COVID Officialdom, with Anthony Fauci as its chief point person.

For more than a generation Fauci has been a chief promoter of “public-private partnerships” that integrate the federal government and the military-industrial complex with the pharmaceutical companies. Chrystia Freeland, the real behind-the-scenes, hands-on leader of the federal Liberals, has accelerated Canada’s adoption of the US model of political economy over many jurisdictional spheres including “health care.”

The crackdown on alternative remedies for coronavirus infection has been intense. One revealing illustration of the severity of the crackdown highlights a fraudulent study of Hydroxychloroquine by a fake company named Surgisphere. The incident illustrated the deep corruption of the academic peer review system when it comes to the process of assessing pharmaceutical products. The journals, Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, were exposed as dishonest publishing venues as corrupt as the tainted industry that contains them.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has documented in great detail, government regulators including the NIH, the FDA, and the CDC have been captured by businesses to do the bidding of the drug companies. The government as personified by Fauci makes it a priority to help makers of pharmaceutical products prioritize the making of money over the protection of public health.

This corporatist bias in governance is epitomized by the grant of legal immunity to vaccine makers. Since 1986 the companies in this commercial sector cannot be sued for damages caused by faults in their products.

This immunization of the makers of vaccines exempts them by law from being held responsible for causing death and injury with their sometimes toxic and improperly-tested products. This exemption from the normal requirements of doing business highlights a deep systemic problem in the proliferation of public-private partnerships that dominate the US pharmaceutical industry.

The federal government has extended to vaccine makers the kind of sweetheart deal removing the incentive for companies to take the required time and expense to make their injections truly safe and effective. The consequent breakdown in standards has given rise to a flood of illness-inflicting results that show up in the meteoric increases in chronic disease that have swept over the United States since 1989. See this.

The preferential treatment directed by the federal regulators at their favorite vaccine companies is reflected in the unfounded prohibitions sidelining cheap natural cures for coronavirus illnesses. As Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has emphasized, these politically-motivated prohibitions have resulted in many hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths. See this.

The cheap, unpatented and readily-available natural remedies have been banned or defamed to preserve the emergency measure approvals for the much-anticipated Warp Speed shots.

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