Many Nigerians have been reacting and expressing their views on the possible parties to win the upcoming presidential election while highlighting the lapses of some parties and their candidates.

The Nigerian professor of journalism, Farooq Kperogi, has revealed two signs indicating how the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has shown more seriousness about taking over from Buhari in 2023 than the All Progressive Congress (APC).

1. The PDP is more consistent, transparent, sincere, and predictable than the APC.

Prof. Kperogi noted that despite the fact that some people do not like the leadership style of the PDP, it’s the major party that they have been shown to be serious in their doings. He noted how the PDP had their primary election as scheduled before the INEC deadline without asking for an extension, unlike the APC, which almost asked for another extension after the first one week extra given to them by INEC and still ended up having a poorly conducted primary to the extent that it spilled to the following day before the winner was known.

2. Indicipline, impunity, & indecision of the APC.

He noted that the PDP submitted the names of its vice presidential candidates before the INEC deadline with little or no rancour, unlike the APC, which failed to submit a name but introduced a name as a “placeholder”, a strange political error that has never existed in the political history of Nigeria, which other smaller parties later copied. He noted that this form of indiscipline in the APC is also seen when the party starts substituting the names of those who won the primary election in some areas with those party leaders that never participated in the election.

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