Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad meets UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed during an official visit to the UAE. (WAM)   DUBAI: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad arrived in the UAE on Sunday for an official visit, accompanied by his wife Asma Al-Assad, the Emirates News Agency (WAM) said. They were receivedContinue Reading

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts   The disinformation service, Bloomberg, takes the lead. Bloomberg points its finger at Donald Trump and “Trump era deregulation.” In Bloomberg’s rewriting of history, Trump is responsible because he signed a bill passed by Democrats and Republicans that allowed mid-sized banks to “skirt some ofContinue Reading

Russian attack capabilities could receive a massive shot-in-the-arm with a new Iranian kamikaze drone facility near Moscow. Augmenting defense cooperation, Moscow and Tehran are moving forward with plans to construct a new factory in Russia that could produce at least 6,000 drones with Iranian designs for the war in Ukraine,Continue Reading

By Sam Carliner A group of legal experts, press freedom activists, journalists, and public figures filled a ballroom at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to organize international opposition to the United States government’s extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. For the Belmarsh Tribunal, United Kingdom parliamentarian Jeremy CorbynContinue Reading

“Self-reliance and strength in science and technology”. That was the phrase General Secretary Xi Jinping used six times in his two-hour speech to China’s five-yearly Communist Party congress last October. It wasn’t a new policy: geopolitical rivalry has put research collaborations with the US under strain, Chinese universities have soughtContinue Reading

The controversial French magazine Charlie Hebdo hit headlines again last week after publishing derogatory cartoons purportedly in defense of Iranian women while making a mockery of the same women. Looking back at the magazine’s Islamophobic history, the cartoons did not come as a surprise as it continues to aggressively promoteContinue Reading